How To Get Flowing Hair (FGH) For Free

How To Get Flowing Hair (FGH) For Free

5 April 2021 Crypto 0

How To Get Flowing Hair (FGH) For Free

Due to increased traffic on the Ethereum network, transaction fees have become too high for the average user. The Ethereum Blockchain is now an exclusive place for whales, those big investors for whom transaction fees of $ 20 or $ 50 don’t matter when investing several hundred thousand dollars. Ethereum 2 promises to fix the problem, but won’t be available until 2022.

Everyone thinks these transaction fees are legitimate, when in reality the transaction fees on the blockchain can be reduced almost entirely.

In order to reduce transaction costs and bring more convenience to users of the Flowing Hair (FGH) cryptocurrency, a bridge has been made between the Ethereum Blockchain and the Polygon Blockchain (MATIC) and it is now possible to exchange Flowing Hair ( FGH) from the Ethereum Blockchain, in Flowing Hair (FGH) on the Polygon Blockchain (MATIC), for an identical amount 1: 1 and vice versa, in both directions.

And the best part, in the title of this article, is that you can get Flowing Hair (FGH) for free on the Polygon Blockchain (MATIC), with almost zero transaction fees, and redeem your FGHs through ‘a decentralized exchanger of the same type as Uniswap, against tokens which have their equivalents on the Ethereum network.

We show you step by step how to get FGH for free.

Step N ° 1: Download Metamask

For those who do not have Metamask, it is necessary to download this application from the following address, available for Chrome / IOS / Android,

Once downloaded, launch the application and create a password and a wallet.

Step 2: Connect Metamask to the Matic Network

To connect Metamask to the Matic network, just go to the url and once on the site, click the “Switch to Matic” button at the top right to switch to the Matic network.

Step N ° 3: Claim your free MATIC

QuickSwap offers users 0.1 MATIC free if they don’t have one. If you have not yet received them in your Metamask wallet, you can claim your free 0.1 MATIC by simply clicking on the top right on the “Claim Matic” button and you will get your free 0.1 MATIC. MATIC is the currency to pay for transactions on the Polygon network (MATIC).

Step N ° 4: Add Flowing Hair (FGH) to Metamask

Metamask does not show all of your tokens. You must manually add Flowing Hair (FGH) to your Metamask wallet. All you need is to add the Flowing Hair Smart Contract (FGH) address on the MATIC Network. You can find the official addresses of the Flowing Hair Smart Contract (FGH) on the official website at the bottom of the page, these are the following official addresses:

FGH Ethereum address: 0x3ec03cD2763A729339AFf9927BE679c76325D1bf
FGH Matic address: 0xb8E5b39689f886f8C34D3E5ac09F513A282d486D

Click “Add Token” to add the custom Flowing Hair token, FGH, 18 decimal places, to Metamask using the MATIC address above 0xb8E5b39689f886f8C34D3E5ac09F513A282d486D.

You can do the same on the Ethereum network, it is not mandatory at the moment, using the Ethereum address 0x3ec03cD2763A729339AFf9927BE679c76325D1bf

Step N ° 5: Make your first transaction to get Flowing Hair (FGH) for free

Now that you have claimed 0.1 Free Matic, a very small portion of which will be used to pay your QuickSwap transaction fees, you can actually trade on the network and get your Flowing Hair (FGH) for free.

To make your first transaction, go to and exchange all or part of your MATIC for FGH.

Enter the following data:
To: Select a token -> enter FGH or the address 0xb8E5b39689f886f8C34D3E5ac09F513A282d486D

Then, get Flowing Hair (FGH) with some or all of your free 0.1 MATIC.

The best is to exchange a small part and repeat the transaction.

The most exciting thing is that by carrying out these transactions, however small they may be, you will create activity and help to move the price of Flowing Hair (FGH) on the market.

Step N ° 6: How to use the Bridge

The Bridge allows you to transfer your FGHs to the Ethereum network, or to transfer your FGHs to the Polygon network (MATIC).

To use the bridge, go to the following address and follow the instructions by logging in with your Metamask.

Note: the address of your wallet on the Ethereum network is the same as your address on the Matic network, all that changes is the name of the network. By using the Bridge, once your transaction is completed, the equivalent of your Token will be in your Ethereum or Matic wallet, depending on the direction you have chosen. If the Token does not appear, it is because the Token address has not yet been added to Metamask (Step 4).

Step N ° 7: How to buy FGH

If you want to buy more, you need to buy MATIC Token or USDT first to exchange it for FGH.

To start you need to buy USDT (BEP20 on Binance Smart Chain Mainnet network), then withdraw USDT on your Metamask address (Binance Smart Chain Mainnet network, add USDT BEP20 BSC address 0x55d398326f99059ff775485246999027b3197955), then trade USDT (BEP20) that you have just bought with Polygon / Matic USDT (MEP20 on the Matic Mainnet network) via the brigde then go to QuickSwap to exchange your Polygon / Matic USDT (MEP20) against MATIC Token (MEP20) or directly against FGH (FGH MEP20 Polygon / Matic address: 0xb8E5b39689f886f8C34D3E5ac09F513A282d486D).

PS: Keep some MATIC Token you received for free to pay for the transaction fees.

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