White Paper

Flowing hair (FGH) White paper


One of the fast-rising cryptographic tokens in today’s cryptocurrency world is Flowing Hair – with the official symbol – FGH, an Ethereum-based token that is designed especially for extensive use in mainstream digital wallets.

It is no gainsaying that the Ethereum platform is a well-renowned, vast and versatile platform that can be utilized in creating any arbitrary smart contract, including those that represent digital assets called Ethereum tokens. In a nutshell, Ethereum tokens refer to simple digital assets that are built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Apart from strengthening the Ethereum ecosystem through the massive drive in demand for Ether, FGH, more than any other Ethereum-based token is well positioned to provide new Ethereum blockchain solutions and alternatives.

FGH provides an avenue to take charge of an extensive wealth of knowledge, data, and an unlimited access to an active community of like-minded individuals who are interested to use safe and dependable digital assets.

With the ability to cater for almost anything related to mainstream digital cryptocurrency demand, FGH does not only have unlimited potentials, it offers a significant power of attraction and the possibility to become one of the leading universal digital wallets in the world of cryptocurrency.

To say the least, the introduction of FGH into the market will, no doubt enhance the accessibility of the cryptocurrency to all and sundry. In the long term, this will speed up the adoption of the Ethereum blockchain technology to the mainstream public. FGH will assist users to enjoy access and several personalized features as time goes on while easing its use and effectiveness of adapting to varying amounts of different currencies.

Below is the current Token Tracker Summary of Flowing Hair (FGH), according to ETHERSCAN.

Total Supply – 240,000,000

Symbol – FGH

ERC20 Contract – 0x3ec03cd2763a729339aff9927be679c76325d1bf

Token Decimals – 18

In creating and maintaining an open financial ecosystem that also safe and fair for every user, FGH leverages modern technology and social intelligence with the power of design, and is ultimately poised to give rise to a lasting solution that will ensure the participation of everyone in the new face of the cryptocurrency.

FGH offers its users the power to be in total control at all times, with mainstream digital wallets that makes it easy to track and monitor your keys and token values. With FGH, you can be rest assured with the knowledge that your assets are safe and secure on the Ethereum blockchain, and available at your request.

You can check out more on Flowing Hair (FGH) on their various social media platforms, as listed below:

Twitter – @FlowingHair_io

Telegram – @FlowingHair_io

Instagram – @FlowingHair_io


The total supply is 240M.

10% are reserved for the earning (through airdrop, bounty programs or other tools for generating activities).

60% are reserved for the buying.

30% are reserved for the developpement, marketing activies, project expenses, team.

We have standard Terms and Conditions here : https://flowinghair.io/terms
Please read them before use, hold or purchase Flowing Hair (FGH).